Table of contents of the book of Tremblay-Mathias and Tremblay-Romaine




Tremblay-Romaine family tree

Tremblay-Mathias family tree


The Tremblays in France

1. Guillaume  D'Aspres

2. Guillaume  Du Tremblay (1332-1446)

3. Gilles Du Tremblay, Sieur de Chesney (1369-1446)

  •  The Trappe Abbaye and the Perche Forest;
  • The Tremblays in the Middle Ages

 4. Gervais Du Tremblay,

     Master of the Gaillon

  •  The two branches of Tremblay in France;
  • The Gallio branch and the Baron branch;
  • Blacksmith generations;
  • Gédéon Pierre du Tremblay, The Knight of Tremblay and the Château de Bellegarde

4. Jacques du Tremblay (1487-1554),

     Master of the Barony of Conturbis

5. Gallien Tremblay (1539-1571)

6. Loys (Louis) Tremblay (1580-1639)

7. Philibert Tremblay (1600-1649)

8. Pierre Tremblay

9. Guillaume Tremblay

    Brother of Pierre Tremblay


8. Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon in Quebec

Ancestor of the Tremblays of America

  • The childhood of Pierre Tremblay;
  • Departure for Quebec;
  • The voyage of 1647;
  • Settling in Quebec;
  • Work in Quebec;
  • Danger and scarcity;
  • Installation on land at Ange-Gardien;
  • The seigneury of Beaupré;
  • Grant of land at Petite Rivière Saint-François;
  • Concession of the seigneury of Les Éboulements;
  • Descendants of Pierre Tremblay.


 9. Pierre Tremblay II (1660 - 1736), Lord Les Éboulements

  • The sawmill;
  • The tarmac;
  • A fishing business.

10. Nicholas Tremblay (1699-1748)

11. Nicholas Tremblay II (1731-1800)

12. Nicolas Salomon Tremblay III (1761-1842)


Emigration of the Tremblays to the United States

Thomas Tremblay, Brunswick, Maine, United States

Nil (Niel) Tremblay, Brunswick, Maine, United States 

Octave Tremblay, Midwest, United States

Eugene Tremblay, Rumfort, Maine, United States

Under development

Mathias Tremblay, Illinois, United States

Alexandre Tremblay, California, United States

Fortunat Tremblay, Lowell, Massachusetts, United States

Napoléon Tremblay, New York, New York,  United States


Harvey Family

Boudreau Family

Irish and German families under development 


History of the Tremblay-Romaine in Charlevoix

Genealogy of the Tremblay-Romaines

 11. Basil Tremblay (1724-1803)

 12. André-Sauveur Tremblay and Ursule Gagnon

 12.1 André-Sauveur Tremblay and Romaine Mercier

 12.2 Romaine Mercier

  • The Mercier family
  • Jean Tremblay;
  • Jean-Francois Tremblay;
  • Étienne Tremblay, lord of Les Éboulements.

The Tremblay-Romaine and the Scots

  •  the Warrens family;
  • the Mc Nicolls family;
  • the Mungers family;
  • the Hovingtons family;
  • the Murrays family (coming soon);
  • the McLeods family (coming soon).

The family of André-Sauveur Tremblay

History of the Tremblay-Romaine in Saguenay

13 Pierre Tremblay

  • 14 Césarine Tremblay (1836-);
  • 14 Adelaïde Tremblay (1811-)
  • The Harvey family

13 Jérôme Tremblay

  • Saguenay pioneer and member of the Society of Vingt-et-un
  • The monument of the Twenty-one

 13. Jérôme Tremblay and Vénérande Imbeau (1793-1831)

  • The Imbeau family
  • The Warren family

 13. Jérôme Tremblay and Marie Duchesne (1813-1899)

  • Jérôme Tremblay, of the Society of Twenty-One;
  • Elie Tremblay-Romaine, merchant;
  • Trial of Jean-Baptiste Honorat versus Mars Simard;
  • The shareholders of the Société des Vingt-et-un

 14. Jérôme Tremblay II (1835-1901)


The author's Tremblay-Romaine line

 15.1 Louis-Jérôme Tremblay (1861-1924) et Louise-Aure Lessard (1860-1923)

  • The Maltais family;
  • The Lessard family;


History of the Tremblay-Mathias in Saguenay

 13. Mathias Tremblay (1800-1886), pioneer and entrepreneur

  • The Mathias family
  • The life of Mathias Tremblay;
  • Les Terres des Tremblay-Mathias sold to Alcan;


The author's Tremblay-Mathias line

 14.1 Alexandre Tremblay (1842-1933), merchant

  • The life of Alexandre Tremblay;
  • The birth of an Alcan plant and its city Arvida;
  • The Tremblay-Mathias Chapel in Arvida;
  • Saint-Mathias Church in Arvida

14. 2 Louise Savard (1849-1881), 1st wife of Alexandre Tremblay

The family of Louise Savard and her ancestors

14.3 Louise Harvey (1880-1945), 2nd wife of Alexandre Tremblay

  • Louise Harvey's family

The Children of Alexandre Tremblay

15.2 Thomas Tremblay (1868-1920), entrepreneur and mayor of Saint-Ambroise;

  • 15.2 Antonia Harvey (1867-1904) 1st wife of Thomas Tremblay
    • Antonia Harvey's family;
    • The Boudreau family; 
    • Family ties of Antonia Harvey;
  • 15.2. Lydia or Lésée Girard (1887-1974), 2nd wife of Thomas Tremblay;