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SAGBOX eBook - Entrepreneurial history of the Tremblay-Mathias and Tremblay-Romaine

SAGBOX eBook - Entrepreneurial history of the Tremblay-Mathias and Tremblay-Romaine

Marie-Alice Tremblay was born in 1901 in Canada from the Saguenay region of Quebec after her father and mother returned from the United States. This story will arouse curiosity and will be the origin of this book.

The research for several years will be difficult, the obstacles numerous, but the Internet will finally make it possible to find his family story. The history of our ancestors is little known and in particular of emigration between Canada and the United States.

This book is a mixture of genealogy, history and entrepreneurship, results of this research. It allows you to follow the history of the Tremblays from their origins until today. But also to follow the journey of a few families who will have the courage and determination to discover their past, and for some of them, the emigration to the United States. It is also an interesting pastime allowing us to know our history through the path of our ancestors.

eBook with free update

The digital version allows us to continue traveling in the past of our ancestors and follow their journal by receiving free update.


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  • The Tremblays in France
  • Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon
  • The children of Pierre Tremblay
  • The Tremblays of Charlevoix
  • The Tremblays in the United States
  • The colonizers and explorers Tremblay
  • The Tremblays contractor
  • Well known Tremblays
  • The history of the Tremblay-Mathias
  • The history of the Tremblay-Romaines
  • The Tremblays and their wives history and genelogy: The Warren, The Merciers
  • The Harveys, The Lessards, The Bouchards, The Bergerons, The Boudreaus, The Guays, The Savards, The Gauthiers.

Around 1750, the three sons of Michel Tremblay and Geneviève Bouchard left Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada for the United States. On the order of the King of France, the Governor General of Quebec, invites them to settle near Detroit. They settled in Grand Marais and to Big Point in Wayne County, Michigan.

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