This video looks at the most recent data on our greenhouse gas emissions from the latest IPCC report.



Extreme heat wave hits tens of millions of Americans

More than a third of Americans face climate disasters

The duty

The climate crisis could cause water shortages in Quebec

The droughts accumulate

Radio Canada

2023-03-21 IPCC report: climate action can't wait

The beaver would be a “hero of climate change”


Jean-Baptiste FRESSOZ is a historian of science, technology and the environment, as well as a researcher at the CNRS. He is particularly interested in the question of the energy transition, which according to him is largely mystified, and prevents us from understanding the quagmire in which we are plunged with the environmental crisis.

2022 heat waves: are our cities doomed to become ovens?

The heat wave that hit France in June 2022 raises a recurring question as the years pass and heat up: what can be done to cool cities? Planting trees, painting the roofs white, watering the tar...

Water shortage

The Hoover Reservoir is at its lowest in over 90 years.

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