Shopify is a subscription-based SaaS platform that allows all entrepreneurs to create an online store and sell their products and services. Shopify store owners can also sell in physical stores using Shopify POS , our point-of-sale app. If you have both an online and physical presence, your inventory is synced so you can manage your stores from one Shopify account and any device. Shopify is an e-commerce platform.

What is Shopify?

Every day, entrepreneurs must promote their products and services, interact with their customers, receive payments, send orders, manage their day-to-day operations and track their finances. Some companies use different tools for each of these activities, and as a result must invest a lot of time and money to harmonize disparate data and systems.

The solution is to use a commerce platform that brings all these technologies together and becomes the foundation on which other applications, processes or technologies can be developed. In other words, Shopify's commerce platform gives you all the tools you need in a single interface. And we make sure that you can then easily integrate all the other tools you need, so that the Shopify solution is perfectly adapted to your activity.

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