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On the wall of the living room of her eldest daughter Marie-Alice, hung the photo of her father Thomas Tremblay. According to tradition, he left Saguenay to emigrate to the United States to join the family of his wife Antonia Harvey. This story will be the beginning of the journey for this book.

This book tells the story of the first Canadian ancestor, Pierre Tremblay, originally from Perche in France, and ancestor of all the Tremblays of America. He married Ozanne Achon in Quebec in 1657, and they would later settle in the Charlevoix region. The Tremblays of Charlevoix will have descendants in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada and the United States. The Tremblay family will be the largest of French origin in America.

This story begins in 1445 with Gervais Du Tremblay in France, the first Tremblay ancestor to be found in Quebec and Charlevoix. We follow the migration path of this family in Canada and the United States and in particular two branches of this family: the family of Thomas Tremblay-Mathias and Louis-Jérôme Tremblay-Romaine in 1925.

Table of contants

  • The Tremblays in France
  • Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon
  • The children of Pierre Tremblay
  • The Tremblays of Charlevoix
  • The Tremblays in the United States
  • The colonizers and explorers Tremblay
  • The Tremblays entrepreneur
  • Notable Tremblays
  • The history of the Tremblay-Mathias
  • The history of the Tremblay-Romaines
  • The Tremblays and their wives history and genelogy.
  • The Tremblay relatives, Romaine Mercier, Louise Lessard, Marie Boudreau, Antonia Harvey, Lydia Girard, Arthémise Bergeron, Louise Savard, Louise Harvey, John Warren, Thomas Bouchard, Thomas Savard, Thomas Tremblay, Alexis Bergeron, François Gauthier, Joseph Martin, Jérôme Tremblay et Mathias Tremblay.  


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