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This book tells the story of the first Canadian ancestor, Pierre Tremblay, originally from Perche in France, and ancestor of all the Tremblays of America. He married Ozanne Achon in Quebec in 1657, and they would later settle in the Charlevoix region. The Tremblays of Charlevoix will have descendants in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada and the United States. The Tremblay family will be the largest of French origin in America.

This story begins in 1445 with Gervais Du Tremblay in France, the first Tremblay ancestor to be found in Quebec and Charlevoix. We follow the migration path of this family in Canada and the United States and in particular two branches of this family: the family of Thomas Tremblay-Mathias and Louis-Jérôme Tremblay-Romaine in 1925.

Mathias Tremblay, born in 1800 is the grandfather of Thomas Tremblay. He left Malbaie to settle with his family in Saguenay in 1843. Mathias Tremblay's descendants spread throughout Quebec, Ontario and the United States and became the Tremblay-Mathias branch.

Jérôme Tremblay, born in 1799 is the grandfather of Louis-Jérôme Tremblay. Jérôme Tremblay is the son of André Tremblay and Romaine Mercier. Jérôme Tremblay will be among the first to arrive in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region as a member of the Société des Vingt-et-un. The descendants of André Tremblay are widespread throughout Quebec and the United States and become the branch of Tremblay-Romaine.

This book also tells the story of several descendants of these two families who will have an impact on the history of business in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. This book includes the Warren, Harvey, Boudreau, Savard, Girard, Lessard, Bouchard, Bergeron, Gauthier, Gagnon families. We trace their history from New France.

This book is a mix of genealogy, history and entrepreneurship. It relates the family and business ties between the founders of several companies. The digital version allows you to receive book updates on a monthly basis to reflect new research additions.



This project is at the origin of the research of the history of the emigration of the family of Tremblay-Mathias and Tremblay-Romaine in the United States, and in particular, the history of Thomas Tremblay (1868-1920) in Maine as told by the family ancestor. The research for confirming the stories in Brunswich, will be at the origin of this digital book.

Moreover, in order to find information on the emigration of Thomas Tremblay to the United States, it was necessary to study the related families who emigrated in order to confirm and find documents on Thomas Tremblay. Also because emigration is essentially a family activity. 

Also, this ebook could help to know the history of the Tremblay family from middle age to their emigration to Canada in 1647. We invite you to share your research or your comments. 


The objective of the E-book is to follow the journey of two branches of Tremblay: the Tremblay-Romaine (1799) and the Tremblay-Mathias (1800) within the large Tremblay family.

This book allows us to know the history of the Tremblay family (Trombley, Trembly. Tromblay, Trembley) and other families (Harvey, Lessard, Boudreau, Warren, Savard, Bergeron, Bouchard, etc.) in order to better understand their emigration to the United States. United.


Between 1840 and 1930, almost one million French Canadians immigrated to the United States. Today more than ten million Americans—including one of every five New Englanders and Vermonters—are of French-Canadian descent.


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